Year 2024

Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT) Conducted an On-Site Inspection of the Airport Physical Characteristics, Visual Aids and Airport Rescue and Firefighting

Mr. Aekapab Borisut, Deputy General Manager of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Operations Group 1, led the program called, “An On-Site Inspection of the Airport Physical Characteristics, Visual Aids and Airport Rescue and Firefighting” at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 3rd runway construction site.  An Inspection Committee was formed consisting of Mr. Anan Wangchingchai, Director General of Office of Suvarnabhumi Airport Construction, Mr. Wichaya Songsang, Senior Officer of Aerodrome Standards Department, and the team, with an aim to conduct an inspection of the airport physical characteristics, visual aids as well as rescue and firefighting, in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand No. 37, regarding aerodrome standards.     In this regard, AEC Consortium, led by Mr. Suwit Thipyan, the Civil-1 Project Deputy Engineer, and the team, along with TN Joint Venture, have joined the inspection and listened to the comments given on March 18 and 19, 2024.    

The Committee has summarized results of the inspection and made recommendations in all the 3 areas, including airport physical characteristics, rescue and firefighting as well as vision aids.  An official letter containing results of the inspection will be issued by the AOT after this, which will require the airport authorities to officially submit the correction plan, along with the time required, to the AOT before commencement of the airport operation (submission expected before April 10, 2024), and to act in compliance with the AIP Thailand amendment procedures.  A follow-up inspection shall be run by the AOT between June 10 and 17, 2024.

“Once in a Lifetime…On the 3rd Runway”

The 3rd Runway Suvarnabhumi Charity Walk - Run

Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT) arranged an activity called, “Once in a Lifetime …. On the 3rd Runway” charity walk – run, which was held at Suvarnabhumi Airport 3rd runway.  This extraordinary experience was expected to give participants a chance to feel the elegance of the world-class Suvarnabhumi Airport, amid its alluring and fascinating scenery.  All proceeds will be spent on medical devices and diagnostic tools to be given to hospitals in remote areas.  
In the event, an opening speech was given by Police General Wisnu Prasatthong-osot, Chairman of the AOT, who presided over the ceremony, with
Mr. Keerati Kitmanawat, President of the AOT, giving a briefing on event objectives. Having both mini marathon (10 km.) and fun run (5 km.) included, the event welcomed many artists and movie stars, such as Pancake (Khemanit), Yayaying (Ratha), DJ Put, Toon (Bodyslam), Ann Thongprasom, Great Warintorn, and sports influencers, with over 5,000 people registering for participation.

During the preparation stage, AEC Consortium had been assigned to facilitate the organizer team, participate in pre-event meetings, accompany the team for location survey as well as make ready the venue, including parking spaces, for both the race packs distribution date and the event date. 

Visitors: 1,889